Apple Recreates Holiday Ad 'The Song' for China and the Lunar New Year

Brand Is Localizing Message for Chinese Market

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Feb 04, 2015

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Apple wants to make China cry too. During the holidays, the brand debuted another gusher of an ad, "The Song," about a girl who makes a very special gift for her grandmother -- she turns one of her grandma's favorite tunes, "Our Love Is Here to Stay," into a duet with the help of Apple tech.

For the Lunar New Year, the brand has retold the ad for the Chinese market, featuring the classic tune "Forever Smiling," originally sung by Zhou Xuan, a Chinese singer and actress from the 1940s. The ad was directed by Hong Kong new wave director Ann Hui On-Wah with cinematography by Christopher Doyle, known for working with China's top helmers. Art direction was by William Chang Suk Ping, who, along with Mr. Doyle is a frequent collaborator of director Wong Kar-Wai.

Although the ad may not resonate as strongly as the original with the general U.S. audience, it's struck a chord with Ceativity/Ad Age staffer and Chinese native Chen Wu: "It's very local, actually very old Shanghai and heartwarming," she said. "The old photos and the song all remind me of my grandma. It's not like some American TV series that depicts a China that's actually not like China at all."

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