The Sounds of War Are Not What They Seem in This Stirring Ad From the David Lynch Foundation

Organization Worked With Herezie Paris to Create Emotional Experience

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Apr 11, 2017

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Director David Lynch has been as creative in marketing his own organization as he is in making his films. To help promote the cause of the David Lynch Foundation, which encourages at-risk populations to partake in transcendental meditation as a source for healing, he previously tapped Preacher and John Malkovich on an unusual online art event. Now, he and his organization have teamed with French agency Herezie to help viewers empathize with the plight of war veterans through an ad with a powerful twist.

The spot depicts scenes from the battlefield -- a helicopter in flight, guns shooting, bombs dropping and buildings exploding. But they're made all the more disturbing and by their fearsome, powerful sounds.

Halfway through, the ad cuts to everyday scenes from civilian life -- an alarm clock going off, a fan swirling, a machine washer spinning, balloons and popcorn popping and fireworks bursting. Turns out, the audio from the war scenes was actually pulled from the latter, and the idea is meant to depict how "normal" noises of life can be traumatic triggers for veterans of war. "The scenes are from the battlefield. The sounds are not," the ad reads. "Daily sounds bring veterans back to war."

"We really try to show the power of sound," said Herezie ECD Baptiste Clinet. "The memories and emotions it triggers are so strong. For soldiers who come back from the battlefield, some everyday sounds in life put them right back there."

The agency worked with Canadian production company Mile Inn and sound company Apollo Studios to produce the spot. Yan Dal Santo, a co-founder of both companies, was director.