Ballantine's Designs a Whisky Glass for Zero Gravity

Latest Marketer to Jump on the Space Wagon

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Sep 04, 2015

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It seems marketers still can't get enough of space and zero gravity experiments -- this year has seen plans for a porn movie shot in space, plus ads featuring a teddy bear in space, a candy-bar fueled space rocket and a creative sent into the stratosphere.

The latest brand to experiment with space is Ballantine's, which with agency Havas Work Club has designed a whisky glass for use in zero gravity. (Because, presumably, we'd need a stiff drink if we were up there.)

The Open Space Agency, a collective of so-called "astropreneurs," was commissioned to design the glass and Ballantine's created a special batch of "Ballantine's Space Whisky" to go with it, specially to address the impact reduced gravity has on your taste-buds when in space. You can learn about the making of the glass, whose materials include 3D printed plastic, and how it was tested, in a behind-the-scenes film, and find out more at the project website.

Meanwhile, to promote the experiment, Partizan director Thomas Hilland made the spot seen here, set in a "microgravity bar on the Moon of Saturn." It's narrated by Scottish actor James Cosmo, from "Game of Thrones," while among the production team was director of photography, Ben Davis, known for "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron."