Logitech UE : Space

When music changed the world.

Published On
Oct 15, 2012

Editor's Pick

DOJO and Logitech put music at the center of history, with three spots directed by PrettyBird's Paul Hunter that recreate historical moments where tunes played a critical role.

The campaign, which promotes the Logitech UE line, has as its centerpiece "Truce," a film narrated by Lee Ingleby, set on Christmas Eve in 1914, where the Allied and Central forces decided on a temporary truce after hearing the Germans sing "Silent Night."

Another film, "Radio City," is about a group of people who used a tower a few miles off the coast of Britain to broadcast the music they wished to hear, to protest the BBC's rules on programming. A third, shorter spot, features the music that astronauts listen to -- and how those on the International Space Station cannot have wires hanging around.