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Grey Kuala Lumpur Encourages Little Ones To "Be More than Beautiful"

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May 14, 2014

Editor's Pick

"Stop telling me that if I'm fat or dark or short I'm not good enough."

Hearing such words from an adult is guilt-inducing enough, but when the plea comes from a little girl, it's a punch in the gut. Since Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, other marketers have joined the movement to restore women's confidence and self-worth. As though, taking Dove's 2007 "Onslaught" spot a step further, Grey Kuala Lumpur teamed up with beauty brand The Body Shop to speak out against the unnatural standards of beauty imposed on girls from a young age. Instead, the message in this "Be More than Beautiful" campaign is simple: Encourage and value qualities outside of personal appearance -- future generations will be better for it. The two other spots encourage the women of tomorrow not to conform to ideals of femininity and female roles, they rather encourage forthrightness and confidence.