This Danish Travel Site Will Give You an 'Ovulation' Discount

Book a Holiday, and if You Conceive, You Get a Free Vacation

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Mar 28, 2014

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Denmark has a baby problem -- there just ain't enough of them. The birthrate is at a 27-year low, which means bad times for travel site Spies Travel, since there are fewer Danes to holiday with the company.

But research has shown that Danes have 46% more sex on city holidays, so the site is stepping it up, with the "Ovulation Discount." Enter the start-date of your latest menstrual period, then see the best time for you to travel. You get a discount once you participate.

But wait... there's more. Once you book your holiday and do what's necessary, send the site pictures of a positive pregnancy test, and proof that you were traveling when you conceived. You get a chance to win a free, baby-friendly vacation, plus baby supplies for year.

And if you're one of those that can't conceive, for many reasons -- remember that in this type of contest, participation is mostly all the fun.

The effort reminds us of Singapore's own baby problem, which ad agency BBH tried to solve by encouraging people to get jiggy on National Night.


Mar 28, 2014
Spies Travel
Spies Travel

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