Spotify Japan Shows What a Little Techno Can Unleash in You

Wieden & Kennedy Tokyo Did the Streaming Service's First Brand Campaign for Japan

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Nov 18, 2016

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Japanese music lovers, oddly enough, are still devoted to CDs; the Tower Records brand even lives on there, with dozens of locations. Spotify entered the country in September, betting it can make converts.

The streaming service just launched a Japanese campaign with Wieden & Kennedy Tokyo, touting its ability to help people "discover new music you didn't know you'd love." That's one advantage Spotify definitely has over old-school records and CDs.

The campaign's theme is "New Music, New Me." One of the five spots, seen here, shows a middle-aged woman vigorously chopping vegetables to a techno beat with a drop of sweat trickling down her cheek.

Another amusing video shows an office worker taking a break at his cubicle; he kicks back, puts on a little Boyz II Men and turns his computer screen into a virtual flickering fireplace.

The videos are being shown on YouTube, social media and in web banners. There's also an outdoor component and an emoji campaign in partnership with Twitter. People can send in three emojis to explain their taste in music; Spotify Japan chooses a song in response.