Starbucks' New Cups May Get You Extra Excited About Spring's Arrival

It's the First Time the Vessels Have Celebrated the Coming Season

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Mar 09, 2017
Spring Cups

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If the longer days and the warmer weather aren't enough to get you excited about the arrival of Spring, Starbucks' new cups may do the trick.

Come March 16, your lattes and red eyes will come in these pastel-colored containers, featuring either a blank white circle or ones adorned with whimsical illustrations such as a smiling sun, an umbrella and an adorable bunny. The design and illustrations were created by Starbucks' in-house team.

The cups will be available at stores in the U.S. and Canada for just a few days. Seasonal cups are not a new thing for Starbucks -- the brand debuted them about 20 years ago during the holidays and since then has also rolled out autumn and summer themes. But these are the first to celebrate spring's arrival.

As for the thinking behind the vessels with the blank circle, "because we know our customers bring drinks to friends and family -- or doodle for themselves, we've given them some space to personalize that experience in a way that's meaningful to them," a Starbucks representative said. On the opposite side, the cups feature the Starbucks logo.

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