Sprite has a fresh take on LGBTQ+ Pride in this uplifting film

Santo returns with latest in the brand's 'You Are Not Alone' campaign

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Nov 01, 2019

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Last month, Sprite and Buenos Aires shop Santo debuted the “You Are Not Alone” campaign, includes a platfrom on Reddit designed to help help young people cope with their feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The brand and agency are now extending the message to help support the Pride festival in Argentina on November 2.

But here, they look at the celebration of LGBTQ+ rights through a fresh lens. The uplifting film depicts LGBTQ+ individuals preparing for the festival, their family and friends lovingly helping them to dress up and look their best for the big day.

At the end of the spot, however, the focus shifts back to the loved ones, who look on beaming with pride as the the parade-goers go out to stand tall as their true selves.