Oreo : Star Trek Google Doodle

O -- It's Captain Kirk!

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Sep 07, 2012

Editor's Pick

Google Doodles are always delightful, but today's promises to warm the hearts of a famously hardcore group of fans: Trekkies. To celebrate tomorrow's 46th anniversary of the debut of Gene Rodenberry's original Star Trek series, Google doodler Ryan Germick came up with this elaborate interactive animation in which the letters of Google's logo reprise the roles of the Starship Enterprise crew ("G" looks like Spock, one of the "Os" is probably Captain Kirk). They're first seated in the ship's control room, where various Easter Eggs will lead to more fun, both on and off the ship.

Clicking through, visitors will be able to work the controls of the Transporter room and visit a familiar fight scene on otherworldly terrain. Even the crimson-uniformed "e" suffers a nasty outcome, although not one as catastrophic as that faced by redshirters in the real series.

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