Greatness Awaits in the Star Wars Universe in PlayStation's Holiday Ad

Epic Spot Kicks off PS4's Seasonal Campaign

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Oct 18, 2015

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The latest edition of the Star Wars Saga, The Force Awakens, won't hit theaters until December, but the marketing frenzy has already started. Toys have hit already hit store shelves (and disappeared from them) and tonight, the official trailer will debut during halftime of Monday night football on ESPN.

Today, Sony PlayStation also introduces its own tie-in for the film in a a blockbuster holiday spot promoting EA Sports' Star Wars Battlefront and limited edition Star Wars bundles.

Created out of BBH New York and directed by Lance Acord of Park Pictures (who also happened to direct VW's Star Wars-themed Super Bowl ad "The Force"), the film opens on an exhausted office worker, still plugging away at his job as the cleaning guy starts to check in for the night. He yawns and then momentarily becomes distracted by the childhood toy sitting on top of his desk -- an old R2D2 action figure clearly worn from much love and many hours of play.

The robot sends him straight back to his boyhood, when he and his best friend spent countless hours living out their Star Wars fantasies, dueling with light sabers, dressing up as Yoda and Darth for Halloween, going on high-speed chases in bikes they've transformed into X-Wing and TIE Fighters.

It all seems like but a nostalgic, melancholy trip down memory lane until the ground begins to shake and outside the window of the man's high rise office building, his friend appears, manning a real X-wing fighter alongside R2D2, beckoning him to join their fight. He throws his chair at the window and leaps into his own ship to embark on the adventure of his lifetime -- an epic battle on Hoth. All throughout, the triumphant Star Wars soundtrack backs the intensity of the action on screen, on which ultimately appears Sony PlayStation's now familiar tag: Greatness Awaits.

"As kids, we've all dreamed about being a Jedi and now (and for some of us many years later) PS4 allows you to immerse yourself in the fiction like never before," said BBH New York Chief Creative Officer Ari Weiss in a statement.

The ad will debut on broadcast and online. Its concept promotes not just the game itself, but also the social experience of playing it through PS4 console group gaming. According to PlayStation SVP Marketing Guy Longworth in a statement, the spot kicks off PlayStation 4's holiday campaign. It "captures the incredible affection and nostalgia that PlayStation fans have for the Star Wars franchise," he said. "It is an inspirational film that reinforces our brand promise that Greatness Awaits on PlayStation 4 and represents a wonderful invitation to the PlayStation brand for gamers of all ages."

The game is a partnership between Sony, EA and Lucasfilm and goes on sale November 17. Along with the new title, PlayStation will also be debuting two limited edition bundles that include a Darth Vader-inspired PS4, which comes with a wireless controller with design inspired by the dark lord's chest panel.


Oct 19, 2015
Chairperson :
John Patroulis
Chief Creative Officer :
Ari Weiss
Director :
Lance Acord
Production Company :
Park Pictures
Brand :
Sony Playstation
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Sony Playstation
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BBH-New York
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Lucas Bongioanni
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