Honda Crashes a Wedding in Latest Feel-good Stunt

Couple Asks to Borrow 3 CR-Vs, Ends Up With Way More

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Oct 29, 2013

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Honda, with the help of its agency RPA, has become known as a bearer of wonderful things, given its penchant for springing feel-good to suprises on its loyal following. Recently, they set out to save a great American pasttime, the drive-in-theater and previously, they helped kickstart an up-and-coming band and threw a parade when one Honda driver hit the one million mile mark on his Accord. Recently, however, it blew out a special request from a soon-to-be-married couple, Mairead and Kevin. The pair came from families of diehard Honda drivers, and between their clans, owned more than 20 Hondas. They had asked a favor of a local dealer -- to borrow three black CR-Vs for their bridal party. But Honda came back with a whole lot more -- going as far as Ireland to bestow on the couple a very special wedding gift.

The video kickstarts a #StartSomething Special campaign online and in social media. Across various platforms including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, fans will be asked to share their Honda stories, all of which will be collected at effort will get a boost on broadcast with two brand TV spots, including "Thank You," which breaks today. The spot features photos and video of Honda fans and families with a V.O. expressing the brand's gratitude "for making your Honda more than a car. Thanks for making them something special."