KFC Resurrects Colonel Sanders in the Body of Darrell Hammond

New Campaign from Wieden & Kennedy Celebrates Brand's 75th Birthday

Published On
May 19, 2015

Editor's Pick

It's been almost 20 years since we saw Colonel Sanders represent for KFC. He last appeared as an animated character in the brand's ads in 1998, but now, to celebrate its 75th anniversary, KFC is bringing him back -- in the body of Darrell Hammond.

In a new campaign out of Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, the SNL alum dons the Colonel's classic white suit and bushy beard but adds a decidedly modern, comedic twist to the character. In one ad, he gives the "State of Kentucky Fried Address." Another music video-style spot shows him walking along a freeway and through a baseball field with a bucket of chicken in hand, singing "I need nothing; I have everything I need."

The campaign also features an entertaining site showing the Colonel's evolution over the years. It offers a plethora of info you may not have known about the real man, Harland Sanders -- such as the fact that in one of his many previous lives, he delivered babies. He also shot somebody (in self-defense).

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