Stella Artois created a line of apparel that makes it easier to steal a Stella glass from a bar

The ‘Steal Artois’ campaign, running in Latin America, features clothes with chalice-friendly hidden compartments

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Jan 18, 2024
Two models wearing Steal Artois garments

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Is the classic Stella Artois chalice so beguiling and irresistible that you’d steal one from a bar or nightclub? If so, the brewer would like to help you out.

A new campaign running in Latin America, created by WPP agencies VML Chile and David New York, features a collection of apparel that makes it easier to hide the iconic glass as you exit the establishment. (Not that the AB InBev brand is endorsing such behavior—although they’re not not endorsing it, either, are they?)

Here’s a video that sets things up:


Stella said the campaign idea came out of a simple consumer truth—that people are constantly stealing Stella chalices. While perhaps not socially acceptable behavior, it’s understandable, the brands says—reflecting both the beauty of the glass, and the stealer’s appreciation for the finer things.

“At Stella Artois we are innate admirers of beauty, and as such, we are aware that the beauty of our chalice has made it an iconic object of desire,” said Camila Plass, marketing manager at AB InBev. “While inconvenient, we understand that borrowing is an acknowledgement of that, so we can only celebrate and recognize all these lovers of beauty who, like us, could not resist the temptation to enjoy a Stella served perfectly in a chalice at home. This campaign is a tribute to everyone out there who is able to discern and enjoy the beautiful things in life.” 

Photo of the Steal Artois collection

The campaign includes digital, outdoor and print ads that encourage people to visit and enter to win one of the garments.

“We are happy to display such a significant truth on screen in such a bold manner—by celebrating those who have borrowed a Stella Artois chalice from a bar rather than punishing them,” said Raimundo Undurraga, chief creative officer of VML Chile. “Recognizing them as brand fans and inviting them to continue doing so in a playful and fresh way aligned with the new tone and style of Stella Artois. The campaign is a product of great courage and agency-client partnership, and undoubtedly having ‘borrowed’ glasses from a bar more than once ourselves.”

Photo of the Steal Artois collection

Photo of the Steal Artois collection


Jan 18, 2024
Client :
Stella Artois
Agency :
VML Chile
Agency :
David-New York
CCO Latam :
Martín Nino Goldberg
Deputy CCO Latam :
Daniel Minaker
Deputy CCO Latam :
Sebastian Tarazaga
CCO Chile :
Raimundo Undurraga
VP Creative Chile :
Samer Zeidan
Regional Connector :
Facundo Palacios
Creative Director :
Jaime Cano
Creative Director :
Jaime Diaz
Creative Director :
Felipe Oliva
Copywriter :
Jose Pedro Rodriguez
Copywriter :
Camila Retamal
Copywriter :
Javier Zambrano
Art Director :
Martin Crespo
Art Director :
Sebastian Castillo
Art Director :
Paul Veloso
Art Director :
Constanza Galaz
Art Director :
Andy Pallavecini
Agency Producer :
Constanza Valdés
Client Service Director :
Oriol Albella
Account Director :
Patricia Lillo
Account Executive :
Daniela Rojas
Global CCO & Partner :
Pancho Cassis
Global COO :
Sylvia Panico
Global CSO :
Paula Vampre
Managing Director :
Luiza Prata Carvalho
André Toledo
Creative Director :
Linus Oura
Associate Creative Director :
Guilherme Pinheiro
Head of Production :
Brenda Morrison Fell
Senior Producer :
Tomas Diego
Associate Producer :
Sophie Freid
Account Director :
Hanna Borresen
Production House :
Film Director :
Ivan Vescovo
Executive Producer :
José Romero
Sound Production :
Prints Retouching :
Mr. Pixel
Costume Designer :
Sol Canievsky
Global Marketing Director :
Andre Amaral
Growth Director :
Guillermo Martinez
Marketing Director :
Lina Aguirre
Marketing Manager :
Camila Plass
Marketing Brand Manager :
Diego Soffia
Marketing Coordinator :
Daniela Arevalo

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