Win a Tiny, Gated Picnic 'Property' in the Hamptons, Courtesy of Stella Artois

Interactive Campaign Promotes Brand's Cider Variant

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Jun 02, 2015

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As anyone who's been there knows, finding a place to enjoy the Hamptons that's not privately owned can be virtually impossible. So Stella Artois is inviting people to "win" a 20-foot-square patch of grass on which to picnic there, in this humorous video for its hard cider drink Stella Artois Cidre, which invites you to take a "tour" of the tiny, gated "property" (complete with grass that's had its own shampoo and conditioner).

This may all sound like a joke, but the genius of the campaign is that it's real. Until July 2, residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut can actually enter the competition to win the space for their own exclusive use. Mother New York is responsible for the campaign, which also lets you speak with the Stella Artois "President" over the phone via an interactive element on the contest site.