It's a quiet Christmas for two with turkey and beer in Stella Artois' stylish holiday spot

Animated ad from Mother London continues its 'Life Artois' campaign

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Dec 11, 2020

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Stella Artois is out with a U.K. holiday spot, and perhaps appropriately for 2020, it simply features a couple enjoying a turkey on their own, washed down with a chalice of Stella.

The animated spot, by Mother London, continues the agency's The Life Artois campaign that debuted this summer. With a stylish illustrated form, it echoed the look of vintage travel posters. Directed by Vincenzo Lodigiani through Dress Code, the new spot focuses simply on the couple in their apartment with their pet dog, with a snow-filled cityscape outside, to the soundtrack of "La Vie en Rose."

“We wanted to reflect the fact that, regardless of some regulations being temporarily relaxed, Christmas 2020 is going to be much more about small, intimate gatherings than previous years," said Ruta Ambrasaite, senior brand manager, Stella Artois U.K., in a statement. “The creative therefore looks to capture the sense that, it’s who we are with at Christmas, and not how many, that makes it special, however bittersweet absent friends and family may be. At the heart of the Life Artois and the campaign as a whole, is the idea of making sure time spent together is time well spent—creating Christmas memories to look back on fondly, and stories we’ll want to retell when we are reunited.”