Stella Artois takes over NYC rooftop to highlight water safety

Eye-catching mural is part of new global holiday campaign

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Nov 03, 2021

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Stella Artois continues the tradition of supporting water safety in its holiday work this year, starting with an eye-catching out-of-home execution. 

The beer brand has painted a woman carrying water on her head on the side of a building in New York City (at 149 Grand Street, Soho) that has a water tank on its roof. Accompanying copy on the mural says, "Women around the world walk hours a day for water. We have it on our roofs. That's why every Stella Artois supports"

"For a global campaign to create impact, you have to get people buzzing on a local level,” said Tim Ovadia, global vice president, Stella Artois, in a statement. “By utilizing iconic NY landmarks like water tanks, we are shining a spotlight on the global water crisis and creating impact by giving safe water and time to women in developing countries. We are leveraging an important global platform and executing it with local nuance to create a campaign that will resonate with consumers in a nontraditional but impactful way.” 

The campaign is by Mother London and the artist behind the mural is Debra Cartwright. 


Stella has been highlighting water safety in the developing world for several years now in its global campaigns by Mother supporting, together with actor Matt Damon. This year, Damon narrates another spot for the brand, also highlighting the women who walk to get water for their families.

The ad goes on to say that proceeds from every Stella Artois purchased this holiday season will help give women around the world access to safe water and "give back the gift of time." In addition, the brand will introduce a new 2021 limited-edition chalice; each one purchased will provide five years of safe water access to one person in need.