Stella Artois Presents Roman Zoltowski, the Wimbledon Trophy Engraver

Mother London Introduces 'The Engraver' in This Animated Video

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Jul 07, 2014

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Meet Roman Zoltowski, the 76 year-old man who has engraved Wimbledon cups by hand since 1979. Every year, he takes his now 55 year-old car on a pilgrimage from Poland to England to complete his special task. This year may very well have marked Mr. Zoltowski's last road trip and tournament sponsor Stella Artois commissioned this mini animated film from Mother London to commemorate the event. The subject of the film provides his own voiceover, recounting his experiences thus far.

The short is the latest in the Stella Artois "Perfectionists" series. Last month we met Rufus, the Harris Hawk whose job it is to scare off pigeons.