Coca-Cola Zero : A Step From Zero - Film

Coke makes you dance.

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May 31, 2012

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Ogilvy Paris and Coke Zero present A Step From Zero, a web film directed by Partizans Nima Nourizadeh. The film features a young dancer who turns his frustrations against his parents into the inspiration for a new dance move, the Toe Tappy, which goes viral and eventually, makes him famous.

The Toe Tappy was chosen through Cokes "Make It Possible" project, a website that invited choreographers to submit videos of their dance moves. The side-by-side foot shuffling move won, and the casting was also done through an open call for submissions.

Check out the behind the scenes video for the film, and hear from five dancers who tried out to become the stars in the new campaign.


Jun 01, 2012
Brand :
Coca-Cola Zero
Client :
Coca-Cola Zero
Agency :
Chief Creative Officer :
Chris Garbutt
Executive Director/Head of Brand Content and Digital :
Fred Levron
Creative Group Head :
Adam Kennedy
Creative Group Head :
Brandon Rochon
Copywriter :
Baptiste Clinet
Copywriter :
Nicolas Lautier
Art Director :
Florian Bodet
Art Director :
Johnny Budden
Strategy :
Marc-Antoine Jarry
Strategy :
Hadi Zabad
Head Agency Producer :
Laure Bayle
Agency Producer :
Caroline Petrucelli
Agency Producer :
Joanne Laplante
Agency Producer :
Gwenn Hardouin
Agency Producer :
Evelyne Callot
Music Company :
Metis & Aynzli Jones
Director :
Nima Nourizadeh
Production Company :
Executive Producer :
Frederic Genest
Worldwide Managing Director :
Philip Heimann
Global Business Director :
Tonya Fossey
Client Contributor :
Jonathan Mildenhall
Client Contributor :
Guy Duncan
Client Contributor :
Danielle Henry
Client Contributor :
Nick Felder
Client Contributor :
Andrew Osterday
Client Contributor :
Miranda Madar

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