Brita's San Francisco Bus Shelters Let You Become Steph Curry

Commuters Can Use Phones to Put Their Face on His Body

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May 13, 2016
Stephen Curry Bus Shelters

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Waiting for a bus used to be pretty boring. But interactive bus shelters have changed all that, and now you can have all kinds of fun with your smartphone. The latest to take advantage of this is water filter brand Brita, whcih has tapped into Steph Curry fever with digital bus shelters in San Franciso that let commuters superimpose their own face onto the basketball MVP.

Interactive technology lets users tap their phone screen to "become" Curry, taking a photo on the spot that puts their face onto his body. They can then immediately text it to themself from the screen, and share to social or print out.

The bus shelters are part of an ongoing campaign with Curry through DDB San Francisco. Brita and the player formed a partnership in conjunction with Drink Up to encourage Americans to drink more water more often.