Lovers and Haters, Sweden Wants to Give you a Free Stay in Stockholm

Stockholm Asks the World to Put Its Differences Aside

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Jan 09, 2018

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The country of Sweden has reshaped travel marketing with its groundbreaking campaigns--whether it's by turning over its Twitter account to everyday citizens, by giving the curious around the world a chance to speak to a random Swede, or by putting itself on Airbnb.

Now, the country is putting tolerance at the forefront of its latest push, which attempts to rebrand its capital of Stockholm as "The Open City."

The Swedish tourist board Visit Sweden and its counterpart Visit Stockholm worked with agency Volontaire on a social campaign offering anyone--"lovers, haters and hesitators"--a free stay in Stockholm.

The campaign marks a re-branding of Stockholm as #theopencity. An open letter to the world invites everyone to bring their "dreams, beliefs, doubts and preconceptions" to the city, no matter who they vote for, how rich or poor they are, or how rebellious or conservative they might be. The message is, "We love you just as you are."

The effort has been scouring social media for people who have commented--both positively and negatively--on anything related to Stockholm or Sweden. Fifty winners will be invited to go for a free two-night stay at a hotel in the capital.

One winner so far, Nathan Shubert, tweeted, "My next show's on Thursday. It's in Stockholm. This feel weird." Visit Stockholm replied, "There's nothing weird at all with Stockholm. In fact, we think you should come and find out for yourself. When you come here we will throw in a two night stay on us."