AICP : Stop Babies and Puppies

Die babypuppy, die!

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Jan 12, 2010
Stop Babies and Puppies

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The AICP is seeking to stamp out ad cliches with its 2010 Call for Entries campaign. The integrated push hinges on a peculiar logo--a babypuppy--which features the head of a dog and body of a baby. The logo represents the industry's overexposed imagery and cliches and serves as a rallying cry for creatives to avoid the path most traveled.

The campaign website features a clever editing tool, the "Cliche Ad Machine," that allows visitors to cut together saccharine scenes to create their own cliche ads, as well as a shootem up video game targetting babies atop puppies. Direct mailers also included temporary stencil kits that invite creatives to spread word of the movement against babypuppies.


Jan 13, 2010
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
VCU Brandcenter
Copywriter :
Christopher Trumbull
Art Director :
Jeff Dryer
Creative Technologist :
Jarrod Higgins
Brand Manager :
Lauren Kosteski
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Website Development Company :
Istros Media Corporation
Developer :
Effie Samios
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Ilya Startsev
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Brian Jones
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Chris Peterson
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Frank Rodriguez
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COPILOT Strategic Music & Sound
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Ravi Krishnaswami
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Jason Menkes
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Corbis Motion
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Thought Equity Motion
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Arf & Co.
Director :
Adam Karsten
Director, Photography :
Adam Karsten
Hand Model :
Adam Karsten
Executive Producer :
Mark Fitzmartin
Producer :
Rob Mackler
Hand Model :
Rob Mackler
Actor :
Rob Mackler
Production Manager :
Michael Dudek
Camera Operator :
Anthony Jacques
Lighting :
Tom Dellafave
Managing Director :
Rick Boyko

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