Oil Barons Fall Apart in These Funny Tesla Spec Ads

Publicis Latvia Enters Musk's 'Project Loveday' Ad Contest With 'Stop Tesla' Campaign

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May 02, 2017

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People with stakes in the oil/gasoline industry are heartbroken in a new series of spec ads created for Tesla by Publicis Latvia.

The agency created the campaign for Tesla's Project Loveday video contest, which was inspired by the letter Musk received from a young, "green" fan named Bria, who asked the Tesla founded to start a contest for "homemade commercials." Publicis debuted its spec spots on social media, and they direct viewers to a website titled StopTesla.com, apparently run by the "International Oil Baron Association."

The site hosts four videos featuring the sad stories of a gas station owner (seen here), an oil industry CEO, a petroleum dealer and a glum-looking dude in a cowboy hat (looking like something out of "Dallas") who's about to inherit his father's oil empire. All of them have just heard that Tesla has launched its Model 3, and someone close to them has ordered one. Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" provides the mournful soundtrack -- and not a single Tesla appears in the ads.