Binge-Watching Addicts Attend a Secret Workshop in This Quirky Film

U.K. Mobile Brand Three Aims to Tap Into the Cult of Binge-Streaming

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Aug 02, 2017

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Binge-watching addicts attend a bizarre "streaming consciousness" workshop in a new online film from U.K. mobile brand Three, which aims to tap into binge-obsessed customers.

The film, created by Gravity Road and directed by Tom Geens, whose previous credits include feature films "Menteur/Liar" and "Couple in a Hole," takes place after hours in a quirky electronics shop. The unassuming owner moprhs into a charismatic cult leader who encourages people to embrace streaming and love their devices, having dumped their TV screens at the door and taken a phone instead. For example, asked what they would do when waiting for a flight and their name is called for the second time, for example, they are encouraged to chant the mantra "watch one more." Eventually, howling and wailing and holding their phones, they achieve a higher state of "streaming consciousness," watched by an incredulous cleaner who has turned up at the store.

The film encourages customers to "Go Binge" on films, TV shows and music on popular streaming services, without the fear of exceeding their data limit with Three's latest packages. Three cites U.K. research revealing that 44% of people aged 16-24 years old watch more than an hour of streamed content on their phones daily and 46% binge because they just can't wait for the next episode.

Shruti Veeramachineni, creative director at Gravity Road, said in a statement: "Three has gone to great lengths to understand this new tribe of social bingers who want the freedom to binge on the go, on their own terms. So, tapping into the tribe and the associated cult behaviour, we've created a quirky, unconventional film that encourages people to 'Go Binge' and feel liberated."