Hulu's Soothing Holiday Videos Will Provide a Backdrop to Your Festivities

Watch Sap Coming Out of a Tree, or Meat Roasting

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Dec 19, 2016

Editor's Pick

You may be too busy to watch regular TV over the holiday days, but Hulu has come up with a way of making sure you stream its videos anyway.

Perhaps inspired by the "Slow TV" concept from Scandinavia, streaming service has created Streaming Wonderland, a collection of seven "hypnotic" holiday films that you can have on in the background as you celebrate. They include a film that features simply sap comng out of a tree; another that has Santa stuck in a chimney; meat roasting and a gingerbread home remodel. Each film features over an hour of footage, so you can sit in a post-prandial stupor and watch, or just have it on in the background as you unwrap your gifts.

Muhtayzik Hoffer is responsible for the campaign.