Nivea : Stress Test

You're a wanted criminal.

Published On
Feb 14, 2013

Editor's Pick

Nivea introduces its "Stress Protect" line of deodorants in Germany with a heart-stopping stunt in Germany. The company got its victims to stress out by making them think they were wanted criminals. At an airport, special newspapers featuring the victim's face as a criminal were printed, and the television started broadcasting a breaking news alert that showed the victim, along with a warning that he or she was extremely dangerous. Then, the "police" came.

While stunts like this understandably go viral -- Duval Guillaume's inspired "Push to Add Drama" effort for TNT in Belgium is one such example -- we have to wonder a few things. Firstly, how does the advertiser make sure that they don't end up targetting someone with a known heart condition or other medical issue? According to Gawker, Nivea "checked with friends" to make sure a little stress wouldn't hurt them, but we're not convinced. Secondly, an airport seems like an awfully dangerous place to pull this kind of thing. Even if the people around them were extras and actresses, what if someone believed the television report? That could have led to trouble.

Still, the film makes for a really fun watch, and is deftly edited and produced. And if the "victims" were actually actors -- give them an Oscar, already.