These repulsive ads evoke the physical touch we've missed

Belgian radio station StuBru is celebrating the reopening of the festival scene with vignettes targeting the 'skin hungry'

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Aug 27, 2021

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We've seen plenty of ads now that try to recreate a sense of the physical encounters we've all missed during the pandemic—some in more gory detail than others. Extra did it with Celine Dion and a ton of kissing; OKCupid depicted unconventional get-togethers in ads playing into hot vaxx summer and Pepsi recounted the "mess we missed" in a spot about sharing germs again.

This campaign from Belgian youth radio station StuBru, however, goes to disgusting extremes to celebrate the return of the festival scene.

Created out of agency Mutant and directed by Hamlet's Angelo Cerisara, the campaign consists of three spots in which we hear the protagonists' thoughts as they get close to random strangers again in different ways. One of them (above) features a young woman narrating what's probably the most sweaty, horrible slo-mo french kiss we've ever seen in a commercial. Another centers on a stranger's saliva flying out of his mouth, and a third takes place in a public restroom and, well, let's just say you need a strong stomach to watch it.



“When reading the script, the first thing the VO reminded me of was listening to an audio-guide describing a painting, but since it’s a film we can force the eyes to look where we want them to look," said Cerisara in a statement. "So the camera is smashing into two tongues, is following a saliva spit and is digging inside arm hair. All those things act like they have a gravitational pull dragging our eyes into them. A reason for repulsion became a reason for attraction."

"During the last year and a half a new word was introduced in Belgium which translates as 'skin hungry,'" added Jason Felstead, co-founder and executive producer at Hamlet. "That’s what these films so poignantly show us: all of us, and especially youngsters, became hungry for touch, even with random strangers and I love how Mutant turned this feeling into a campaign. At the same time the films make us slightly uncomfortable and that, I think, was magnificently executed by Angelo in his first project for us.”



Aug 27, 2021
Client :
Agency :
Account Manager / Agency producer :
Innie Tran
Production Company & Music :
Director :
Angelo Cerisara
Executive Producer :
Ruben Goots
Executive Producer :
Jason Felstead
Producer :
Pim Verhaert
Production Manager :
Robin Paul
Post-Producer :
Dominique Ruys
Post-Producer :
Pim Verhaert
Director of Photography :
Edouard Le Grelle
Editor :
Angelo Cerisara
Sound Design :
Sound Post-Production Cy :
Color Grader :
Francis Qureshi
VFX Company :
VFX Supervisor :
Maarten Baert
Image Post-Production Cy :

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