Freaky Floating Heads Can't Get Enough of Little Caesars' Deep Dish Pizza

Barton F. Graf Debuts Latest Absurd Ad for the Brand

Published On
Mar 24, 2016

Editor's Pick

Floating heads can be a movie poster's worst nightmare, or a hilarious comedic device. The latter is the case in the latest for Little Caesars' from Barton F. Graf, in which a pair of disembodied noggins drift around the fast feeder's Stuffed Crust Deep Deep Dish Pizza and ponder what a miraculous contribution it is to foodkind.

Both fawners appear to be not of this world, their non-existent necks adorned in what look like a cross between a cheese wheel and a rubberband bracelet. One guy seems as if he's about to explode with excitement "They put the cheese, in the crust?!" -- while the other tries to shush his buddy so they can more fully absorb the moment (and no doubt, the cheesy aromas).