This Gross Film of People Eating Makes a Point About Breastfeeding

Stink's Jon Lawton Created 'This Sucks' for World Breastfeeding Week

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Aug 03, 2017

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It's World Breastfeeding Week, yet sadly, many women nursing their babies in public are still harshly judged.

This so enraged Jon Lawton, a father who's also a creative director at Stink, that he created "This Sucks," a short ad that contrasts footage of a mother feeding her child set against grotesque close up footage of mouths messily scoffing food. The film, produced by Stink, is set to the post-punk Peaches track, 'F*** the Pain Away."

Lawton said: "Have you seen people eating? It's disgusting. All lips, sauce and gob. It's like we go backwards in our ability to do the most simple human task. Babies feeding, by comparison, is the most elegant form of the act. If one mother feels more confident breastfeeding in public because of the film -- that's all I want."


Aug 03, 2017
Jon Lawton
Jon Lawton
Jon Lawton

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