Intermarche's Dessert Packaging Could Help You 'Detox' From Sugar

Six Chocolate Pots Contain Declining Amounts of the Sweet Stuff

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Apr 12, 2016
Sugar Detox

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French supermarket chain Intermarche is doing its part to help reduce France's sugar intake with an innovative packaging design. A six-pack of chocolate desserts branded "Sugar Detox" contains the same recipe with decreasing amounts of sugar; by the time you reach number six, it contains 50% less sugar.

According to Intermarche, the need for such a product is an urgent one: French citizens consume an average of 70 grams of sugar per day, which is the equivalent of 14 coffee spoons.

Sugar Detox was developed by Marcel, the agency that won multiple awards for Intermarche last year for its 2014 Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables campaign, including the top prize at the Andys. Marcel worked directly with Intermarche's dairy products Research and Development division to develop the brand.

As shown in a video, it first went on sale last week at Intermarche's Clichy store, and will be supported by TV, radio, poster and press ads.