Trident : Summer Professional

Get paid to hang out at the beach.

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Mar 13, 2012

Editor's Pick

Trident and its Brazilian agency, Espahle Guerilla Marketing, are recruiting. And the lucky winner will be paid $10,000 Brazilian Real ($5,680 US dollars) to hang out on the country's beaches this summer.

The gum brand is seeking a 'summer professional' who will spread social media messages about beaches and fun. To qualify initially, they needed to take an online test through a specially created Facebook app between the 6th and 12th of March. Fifty people will now be selected to the second round, set to take place on Copacabana Beach, in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday (March 15th) with a written test and interview. The winner will spend the summer traveling around Brazel's beaches, attending parties and tweeting/Facebook posting about Trident.