As Confused Brits Prepare to Vote, The Sun's Ads Point to 'Massive Grey Area'

Lack of Clarity Is Reflected in Polls

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May 06, 2015

Editor's Pick

As the U.K. prepares to vote for a new government May 7, all the polls indicate a close result and no overall majority. The Sun newspaper's last minute advertising push reflects this; it's all about helping Brits make their minds up.

Promoting the newspaper's political coverage, two poster sites on either side of London's M4 motorway read "Massive Grey Area" pointing to the middle of the road, while a poster at Piccadilly Circus reads "Welcome to another chaotic circus / A manic cluster of people being bombarded by different messages / Thousands of people not knowing whether to look left or right." Another, at Waterloo Station, reads: "Look, a mass of puzzled people running left and right / Thousands of confused people all looking for some sense of direction / Thousands of commuters not sure which way they are going."

The campaign, by Grey London, also comprises executions on railway platforms ("Hundreds of people all looking for a seat"), in newsagents and supermarkets ('"Hundreds of people running around looking for something") and on roadsides ("All these road signs and still no sense of direction").

Media also includes ads on London taxi receipts with the message "Dear Politicians: No Fiddling," cheekily reflecting the expenses scandals that continue to haunt British politics.