Grannies Serve Lunch on Facebook and Turn Into TV Cooking Stars

Unusual Vodafone Campaign Boosted Social Media Adoption Among Over 65s

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Jun 11, 2015

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In Romania, Vodafone turned two grandmothers living alone into cooking show stars, all by way of a Facebook camapign.

The social media campaign, by McCann Bucharest, linked hungry students wanting a good Sunday lunch with the two women, who lived alone but loved cooking for large groups. The "Sunday Grannies" were shown the basics of social media and asked to share their menus and invite people to lunch on Facebook. When the experiment took off, they became so popular they eventually got their own TV show. The idea was then opened up for other seniors to join in by registering with an app.

McCann claims the campaign tripled the adoption of social media in Romania among the over 65s and gave 4G smartphone sales a 78% boost.