Indeed Artfully Captures the Frustration of the Endless Job Search in Oscars Ad

Spot From DCX Growth Accelerator Shows the Day In and Day Out of Employment Search

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Mar 05, 2018

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Employment search platform Indeed put viewers into the frustrated shoes of the job searcher in a new ad that broke during the Oscars last night. The artful spot, created out of DCX Growth Accelerator and directed by Kevin Thomas depicts the endless, seemingly fruitless pursuit of landing the right gig.

A first-person POV and split-screen approach help to underscore what might feel, to the job seeker, like a "Groundhog Day"-like futile quest. It shows day after day, receptionist after receptionist, interview after interview, all set to the incongruosly easy soundtrack of Bobby Hebb's 1966 love song "Sunny." In the end, however, the seeker finds a new home and the endline reads, "You've got this." The combination of technique and classic tune is reminiscent of Arnold's celebrated VW "Bubble Boy" spot from 2003, whose storyline could very well have fit into a job seeker campaign.

Paul D'Arcy, SVP of Marketing of Indeed explains that the brand's ad was designed to school viewers on the depth of the Indeed platform--that it goes beyond just jobs postings but also provides "insider knowledge" on what it's like to work at certain companies, types of interview questions companies may ask and more. "We want to show them that it goes beyond just beyond the job search," he says.

Moreover, the campaign aims to speak to the tensions that arise for individuals in the modern-day job search. "As technology transforms the way that we work and changes the ways that we access and realize opportunities, many job seekers are feeling increasingly uneasy," D'Arcy adds. "With this campaign, we acknowledge the ups and downs that they are going through, to empathize with them on a human level, and ultimately to offer hope."

The company has integrated broadcast into its marketing since 2014 and has previously advertised during big ticket sporting events like the MLB playoffs in 2017. Another push is planned for March Madness later this month.

The new ad takes a decidedly different, more empathetic tone than previous campaigns. Last year, the brand debuted "Search for Greatness," which depicted a diverse group of job seekers addressing the camera with powerful looks, set to a driving, electronic track.