Old Navy : Supar Tool (Print)

Don't dress like that guy.

Published On
Jun 06, 2011

Editor's Pick

A series of videos posing as high fashion commercials kick off a new integrated campaign for Old Navy out of Camp + King, which aims to start a new conversation with its male customers.

Posing as arty spots for fashion brands called 'Supar Tool' and 'Corporado', the virals carry no Old Navy branding until the very end, when they are revealed to be fake and divert the viewer to a website, dresslikeaguy.com. The strapline is 'Dress like a guy. Not THAT guy.'

The full campaign will include spreads in Maxim magazine, a Men's tab on the Old Navy Facebook page and a mobile website. There, visitors can save 'outfits' to their phone's photo library so they can show them to store associates, delivering on the male customer's desire to 'buy' and not 'shop.'