Jason Schwartzman Hits Dan Marino With an Empanada at Alec Baldwin's Bash in Amazon's Super Bowl Ad

Missy Elliott Also Pimps Her New Tune

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Feb 07, 2016

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Earlier, Amazon teased its Super Bowl ad with a spot starring Alec Baldwin and NFL vet Dan Marino using the company's internet-connected speaker Echo and virtual assistant Alexa to help them plan a Big Game bash. The final spot revealed they really went all-out, inviting Jason Schwartzman, Missie Elliot and building a ginormous snack stadium.

Things get a little tricky, however, when Marino insults Baldwin's choice of apps and Schwartzman then flings an empanada at the football player. But Missy Elliott, at least, makes the most of the game's 100 million viewers to hype her new single, "Pep Rally."

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