Nationwide Super Bowl Ad Has a Sobering Twist

Introduces a Home Safety Program

Published On
Feb 01, 2015

Editor's Pick

Nationwide's more light-hearted Super Bowl ad featuring Mindy Kaling was accompanied by this spot, which starts out looking like something feelgood but out of nowhere, turns into something completely different. It stars a cute little boy, telling us about all the things he feels he will never do -- ride bikes with the big kids, get married, sail around the world. We might smile indulgently, but it turns out he really never will do these things, as he died in a childhood accident at home.

The ad introduces a new program from Nationwide, called Make Safe Happen, which is focused on increasing awareness and providing tools to change home safety behavior. It includes a mobile app, reated in partnership with Nationwide Children's Hospital, which gives parents and caregivers information like room-to-room safety checklists and personalized links to recommended safety products. A survey by Nationwide,which is partnering with Safe Kids Worldwide in the program, found only 28% of caregivers correctly identify preventable accidents as the leading cause of childhood deaths.