Super Bowl XLIX: In Skittles' Desert Town, There's Only One Way to Settle Things

Quirky First Super Bowl Spot Reveals the Secret Behind Those Muscular Arms

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Feb 01, 2015

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Skittles' quirky Super Bowl spot is set in a small desert town where everyone -- even babies -- has one incredibly muscular arm. The reason why is revealed as two porch-sitting guys get into an argument about who gets the lemon skittle. "Let's settle it the usual way," one exclaims; the cry reverberates around town and before long the whole town is out watching them arm wrestle. The spot, by DDB Chicago, was teased with the hashtag #SettleIt, but wasn't pre-released ahead of the game. It's the brand's first time advertising in the Super Bowl; read more about Skittles' strategy over at