See What Happens to the Mother and Daughter in 84 Lumber's Super Bowl Ad

The Hopeful Pair Come Up Against a Giant Wall

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Feb 05, 2017

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Prior to the Super Bowl, building supply company 84 Lumber came up against a wall regarding its original Super Bowl spot, which Fox had initially rejected for being too political. So the advertiser came back with a revised cut, which showed a Mexican mother and daughter on a long journey, apparently preparing to cross the border to the U.S.

The spot ends with the two looking exhausted yet hopeful, sitting by a campfire. It directs viewers to, where they can see the tale in its entirety -- and why Fox thought it too controversial to air.

Toward the end of the nearly six-minute-long film, the mother and daughter, finally reach the end of their long, tiresome journey -- but their faces drop when they're blocked by a massive wall. The little girl, however, hold out hope and pulls out a shredded American flag which she's been crafting from bits of cloth throughout their trek.

It's then that we see a truck driving by, with tools and lumber in its bed -- and the travelers glance further down to find two massive wooden doors built into the giant divider that separates them from the U.S. With trepidation, they give the doors a push. They give easily, and the duo embark on a new adventure.

The film was created out of Brunner and directed by Cole Webley via Sanctuary.


Feb 05, 2017
Brand :
84 Lumber
Client :
84 Lumber
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Director :
Cole Webley
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