Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino Brainstorm a Super Bowl Party in Amazon Debut

Spot Promotes Echo Virtual Assistant

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Jan 27, 2016

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Amazon will be making its Super Bowl debut, to promote Echo, its voice-controlled virtual assistant, the company said Wednesday.

"Echo has had an amazing reception from customers over the past year -- they love it," Neil Lindsay, VP-Amazon devices, said in a statement. "We thought the Super Bowl was a great chance to tell even more people about what Echo and Alexa can do, and have some fun while doing it."

The company released a teaser for the buy, depicting actor Alec Baldwin and former football pro Dan Marino as they prep for a Super Bowl party, with help from Alexa, the name of the virtual assistant, of course.

"Alexa, what's a snack stadium," Mr. Baldwin demands of the device.

"A stadium built entirely of snacks," the device immediately replies.

Amazon will be using the hashtag #BaldwinBowl to promote the spot.

Earlier this week Amazon released an update to Echo. Alexa can now play music, give you movie show times and just in time for Super Bowl 50, provide live NFL scores. You can even as Alexa who will win the game and she will make a prediction.

A representative declined to say how many ads will run or provide further details about length and placement.

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