Superuseless Superpowers : Superuseless Superpowers

The most useless powers in the universe.

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Jul 12, 2011

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Joining the ranks of Mystery Men and The Legion of Substitute Heroes are the likes of Pantsformer, Powerpointer and The Twinvisibles, some of the misifts found in Super Useless Superpowers, a side project from agency creatives Adolfo Alcala (A.D., Y&R, N.Y.), Patrick Conlon (C.W., Y&R, N.Y.), Jason Nitti (A.D., Anomaly) and Neel Williams (C.W. The Martin Agency).

The book, illustrated by Mark Todd, fills 192 pages with special abilities that don't quite enter X-Men territory, like ultra short range transportation and laser pointer vision. It actually pulls the best bits from Superuseless,com, a blog the the creatives/friends started after a late-night beer-drinking brainstorm. The book hits the stands this month at every major retailer (with the exception, perhaps of Borders).


Jul 13, 2011
Superuseless Superpowers
Superuseless Superpowers
Art Director:
Adolfo Alcala
Patrick Conlon
Art Director:
Jason Nitti
Neel Williams
Mark Todd
PR Photographer:
Daniel Silva
Peter Lynch

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