Argentines Ask: Is That a Sushi Drone in the Sky?

SushiPop's Dramatic Message Grabs Attention of Pedestrians and Office Workers

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Oct 28, 2014

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To sell sushi in a nation of fanatical beef eaters, you've got to try harder. So it wasn't enough to just do an ad announcing that SushiPop, Argentina's leading sushi delivery service, has a new specialty product line called Black. Instead, 361 Argentina flew a drone through downtown Buenos Aires clutching the ad, with enticing pictures of sushi items and the phone number to call for delivery.

Coco Mujica, VP of the Omnicom Group-owned agency, told Creativity that the objective was to capture the attention not just of people on the streets but also those in office buildings, where workers gathered at windows to watch the Sushi Drone swoop past the city's stately architecture and metalwork balconies. It alternately flew close to the ground and soared above 130 feet in the sky, depending on how high the surrounding buildings with windows were, he said. The cute white drone also took its own pictures of people filming it.

You might think that flying a drone at low levels through a densely-populated urban area would require official permission, or even a permit. Who knows? Regarding the first use of a drone for marketing in Argentina as a guerrilla action, 361 Argentina didn't get into details like that.


Oct 28, 2014

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