50/50 Good : Swear on Twitter for Unicef

Curse your f***ing mouth off for Africa.

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Oct 14, 2011

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With SwearJar, every time you swear on Twitter you donate money to famine relief. Participants pledge one pound per swear towards the Unicef famine appeal, then let loose with profanities on Twitter with the hashtag #fuckfamine.

The app was created by Albion London as part of 50/50 Good's Make or Break project, which aims to launch 50 projects in 50 days to raise a million pounds for famine relief in East Africa. Sign in with Twitter and you can be as potty mouthed as you like, but for those not so keen on swearing in their tweets, there is a choice of extra words like 'awesome', 'synergy' and 'epic' (which might arguably be just as offensive to some).


Oct 14, 2011
50/50 Good
50/50 Good

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