This McDonald's spot relives every parent's toddler nightmares

Fast feeder reminds us it's a family-friendly choice

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Apr 24, 2018

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If you've ever been parent to a toddler, you've been there. McDonald's latest ad from Sweden graphically illustrates what it's like to take small kids to an art gallery, a doctor's office or a church. Or, on public transport, to a supermarket…OK, pretty much anywhere.

After all the stares, judgmental looks and embarrassed apologies, the relief on the beleaguered dad's face as he enters a family-friendly McDonald's --where kids can scream and tantrum to their heart's content -- is palpable.

Director Jesper Ericstam of Social Club captures parental shame perfectly, for Nord DDB.

The campaign is based on extensive research that shows that Sweden's parents regard McDonald's as the country's most family-friendly restaurant. And, in a world where middle class parents worry about feeding their kids burgers, it's a smart reminder of one thing McDonald's might have over its fancier competitors.