Got Milk? Throws a Foodie Spectacular in Latest Campaign

Campaign Reminds Eaters That the White Stuff Goes With Food

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Sep 30, 2015

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Last year, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners co-founder Jeff Goodby spoke up to remind the industry that one of its iconic taglines, "Got Milk?," is not dead. That seems to be apparent in the agency's latest work promoting the California Milk Processor Board's famous line, which hopes to bring the white stuff into the modern age with a bit of spice and foodie influence.

The agency recently debuted a pair of mesmerizing ads showing a kaleidoscopic menagerie of sweets and spicy foods. The dazzling visuals suck viewers into spinning images of cupcakes, donuts, cookies, as well as a tunnel of habaneros, jalapenos, fire and chile -- then, ultimately, hits them with the tag "Got Milk?" Print, digital and in-store ads and a new website will also follow the theme, promoting, for example, how pb&bacon and spicy avo toast "love" milk.

The ads actually riff off the theme that drove classic ads such as "Aaron Burr," which told consumers forget good for you, milk serves a higher purpose -- to help the food go down better.

"The original idea of 'Got Milk?' was that there are foods you couldn't eat unless you had milk, like cookies and peanut butter, and we wanted to remind people that along with donuts and sweet things, milk is great with hot food and spicy food," said Mr. Goodby.

Along with the broadcast spots, the California Milk Processor Board has developed media partnerships with magazine and pop-up events organizer California Sunday as well as Bon Appetit, to help promote milk as an accompaniment foodies could love too.

Culinary heroes such as Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo, who run the San Francisco Filipino food truck Senor Sisig, and "Top Chef" alum Elizabeth Binder have also created native ad online films and will participate in events with California Sunday showing dishes that are "Best Served With Milk." The agency is also working with Bon Appetit and more culinary pros specializing in sweet, savory and spicy foods to contribute to an ongoing social media stream on milk-and-food pairings.

If that doesn't get the message across, Mr. Goodby said that the agency will also be sending "Got Milk?" vehicles to follow popular local food trucks to remind chowhounds of that undersung chaser.

"We want to reconnect milk with food," said Mr. Goodby. "Milk is under assault from all kinds of places. First it was soft drinks, now there are sports drinks. There are so many other things people drink these days; we have to remind people specifically what you have to have milk with. You can't have orange juice with a brownie. Even water or beer don't work with spicy food. If you're a bit of a foodie, or you like to cook, this campaign should stir you up a little."

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Sep 30, 2015
Brand :
Got Milk
Client :
Got Milk
Agency :
Goodby Silverstein & Partners
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Rattling Stick
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Joel Kefali
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Shawn Kim
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Amber Easby
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Joe Biggins
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Richard McIntosh
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Mat Ellin
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Andrew Timms
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Mat Elin
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Mat Ellin
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Mat Ellin
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Hannah Walker

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