Give your trash talk some manners with these sympathy cards from Powerade

Want that burn to last? Write it down and mail it

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Aug 24, 2018

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The sympathy card is a token of a bygone era, when friends penned their condolences on thick, rough paper adorned with pastel flowers and sappy script. But thanks to Powerade, this lost art has returned, if only briefly.

Now fans of the sports drink can take the high road while still talking smack about people who need sympathy the most--their defeated opponents. Real greeting cards, illustrated with humiliating losses, include heartfelt apologies like, "My bad for dunking on you the other day. I can't begin to imagine how difficult that must have been for you."

Not into basketball? Try the "I Was Trippin" card: "I'm sorry I scored so many goals on you like that. I hope this doesn't affect our friendship." Or the "My Apologies" card: "So sorry you were unable to tackle me the other day. I hope that one day you can learn to forgive yourself."

Ten different cards created by Wieden & Kennedy are available at, covering football and men and women's basketball and soccer. Through the end of September, visitors can customize the cards with names and have them mailed directly to the loser…uh, recipient.


Aug 24, 2018
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