AT&T Is the Death Star in T-Mobile's 'Un-carrier' Saga

CEO John Legere Also Plays Han Solo

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May 04, 2016

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T-Mobile's resident iconoclast and CEO John Legere took it upon himself to issue a special Star Wars Day announcement on his company's blog. In it, he likened his brand's "Un-carrier" story to that of the franchise's good vs. evil saga:

Not all that long ago, in a broken, arrogant industry .

It was a time of unrest and truly pissed off wireless customers. Americans were raising their voices and demanding that someone -- anyone -- stand up and call BS on the old carriers' ridiculous service contracts, outrageous overages, hidden costs, insane roaming fees and all the rest. One wireless provider heard the people, responded with real change -- and sparked a revolution.

Since the start, the Un-carrier revolution has been about fighting back against the Duopoly for wireless customers everywhere -- and making sure the Evil Twins can no longer abuse their customers or take them for granted. It's been about listening, telling it like it is and changing wireless for good.

The evil twins, clearly, are T-Mobile's biggest competitors, Verizon and AT&T , the latter which gets extra special attention with a Chrome browser add-on T-Mobile debuted today.

The extension is supposed to transform any mention of AT&T with the words "The DeATTh Star" along "with an icon depicting their evil," the description states.

Mr. Legere invites users to "join the fight against the dark side and light up the web with the truth about The DeATTh Star," he writes. "Hell, we even built this Chrome extension for laptops and desktops, so all those The DeATTh Star customers living in fear of overages can join in the fun without watching their data meter."

For us, the extension is a bit wonky and doesn't seem to work with any regularity. We were more entertained by Mr. Legere and company's face-swapped Star Wars images, including one which cast him in the role of Han Solo.