Venus Gives Swedish Women Sunny Incentive to Go Hairless

Social media photo campaign asks them to prove how cold they have it

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Mar 19, 2013

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Swedish women have it rough: in the winter, hail, snow, freezing rain and temperatures way, way below freezing are common -- which means there is virtually no need to keep their legs hair-free. Gillette Venus, seeing blade and razor sales plummet 5 months every year, decided to give women an incentive to go hairless, with "Tag Your Weather." The campaign, by Saatchi Stockholm, got women to take pictures of their snowy, sleety weather conditions, with a trio of bloggers from sun-soaked Miami, Rio and Sydney on hand to judge them.

Photos uploaded using the hashtag were given a bad weather score depending on historical data for the same location, and 14 finalists were invited to video blog how bad they really had it. The finalist got to go to Miami, and those who didn't win still got a weather-based discount, which changed depending on how horrible it was out, on Venus blades and razors.