90 seconds is all it takes to go from rage to calm, says this riveting PSA

Campaign for U.K.'s Police Now aims to make the phrase 'Take 90' everyday vocabulary

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Aug 21, 2018

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A very angry-looking man speaks for 90 seconds in a new PSA designed to combat anger and acts of aggression. But what he's actually saying, quite calmly, is that sometimes we need to "take 90" to calm down.

The video has been created by Grey London for U.K. crime reduction group Police Now, in collaboration with charities and companies including CALM, London First, the National Literacy Trust, the British Transport Police, Westfield, Facebook, Next, VICE, Unilad, Mulberry Schools Trust and the Confederation for British Industry. It's designed to help reduce acts of aggression and impulsive violence caused by anger in everyday situations such as evenings out, in the workplace, on the commute or online.

Grey London's strategy is based on scientific evidence showing that it takes just 90 seconds for the neurotransmitters that cause anger to flush out of our systems. Its aim is to make "taking" part of everyday U.K. vocabulary just as the term "designated driver" has helped to prevent drink driving.

The project has been worked on by a WPP collective including Cohn & Wolfe, Hill+Knowlton, Group M and PSB Research with Grey London leading the creative for the campaign. As well as the video, it includes short form posters displaying copy such as "Give Anger a Little Time,", "Gone in 90 Seconds" and "Count to Zen," all displaying a graphic line gradually shifting from red to blue.

There is also a long copy press ad that takes 90 seconds to read and describes what happens to someone's body as anger takes hold, 90 new angry-to-calm emoticons and a a series of original meditations created by the mindfulness app Calm.

The campaign launches after a rise in violent crime in the U.K. this year; 2017 saw a 20% increase on the number of police recorded offences in 2016.

Tor Garnett, co-founder of Police Now and the initiator of the campaign, says: "Some violence has complex causes, but often violence is caused by people feeling angry and reacting in that first 90 seconds. If we let those moments of anger lead to aggression, whether it's during an argument with a friend or stranger or getting squashed on the commute, it makes people feel unsafe, unhappy and cross and can use up people's time and attention in a very negative way. Take:90 is an effective practical tool that we can all use and share with others to help keep our cool -- it's not always easy but it is essential if we are to live happily in a diverse and busy world."


Aug 21, 2018
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Police Now

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