Three Years Later, #takemymoneyHBO Finally Pays Off

Broadcasters Sends in Two Characters from 'The Sopranos to Collect' the Cash

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Apr 10, 2015

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The wait is for a stand-alone HBO streaming service is over and HBO super fans finally get what they've wanted for a very long time. In 2012, Jake Caputo had asked his fellow HBO fans how much they would pay monthly for a streaming service on a site Within 48 hours, 163,673 people tweeted using his hashtag, #takemymoneyHBO.

This week, the network answered Mr. Caputo's prayers with the launch of HBO Now, so he and other fans could stream their favorite HBO movies and shows without a cable package. In this funny ad promoting the service, Sopranos characters Paulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri and Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero pay Mr. Caputo a visit to collect what Mr. Caputo promised. (The pair leaves him a little money for the Subway, of course.)


Apr 10, 2015

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